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We develop easy-to-use affordable gardening software, gardening products and gardening services to meet every day needs of both beginning and experienced gardeners. We help you become a better garden manager. The Garden Management System plant software costs about the same as one medium-sized perennial. Just $35.00 CDN. If it helps you save two plants a year, the software has more than paid for itself.

The Garden Management System is home garden software that stores horticultural information about your plants, like sun, water and fertilizer requirements. It keeps your gardening notes and garden journal about each plant, lets you record basic plant care information, and lets you display and print your personal garden resource and plant inventory in a variety of different formats.

Store horticultural information, plant detail and plant images for the plants in your garden, in The Garden Management System garden software. You can store as many plant photos as you wish, for each plant! Use the Garden Journal like a garden diary to record and report on gardening activities and progress of specific plants. Our garden management software will help you with plant tracking tasks such as fertilizing and amending the soil for an entire home garden bed. Create your personal garden resource of the plants in your garden. Reports by common name or botanical name, location, plant family and many more are available for your plant inventory.

The Garden Management System 5 is now available for download. There are three changes from version 4 to version 5:

- it is now a download, versus a CD
- you must have Microsoft Access installed on your computer for this program to work (Access run-time is no longer included)
- minor edits to the documentation

Note: You must have Microsoft Access 2007 or later installed in order to use this program.

Check out our Garden Management System garden database screen shots (click on image to enlarge):
Sample Plant Record Sample Garden Journal Report
Plant Detail Report Plant Journal Screen

Key Benefits

- Look up horticultural information once, save it, modify it, add to it forever in this garden management software
- Store plant photos - as many as you wish for each plant
- Garden Journal records gardening activities and observations for future analysis
- Easily review all activities for a single plant or garden bed
- It's educational, to your kids learn about plants for a school gardening project.
- Create your own personal garden resource and reference, with everything you need in one place
- Print/review reports by plant, garden, date or activity
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