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About HMK Consultants

HMK Consultants specializes in the development of gardening software products such as The Garden Management System. Our goal is to help new gardeners, experienced gardening enthusiasts and horticulturists. Our software helps you to manage the horticultural information about the plants in your home garden, and to provide a garden journal to help you with garden tracking activities in each of your flower beds.

We develop easy-to-use affordable gardening software to meet every day needs of both beginning and experienced gardeners. We help you become a better garden manager. The Garden Management System is gardening software - a database application to store horticultural information and plant care needs for the plants in your home garden, plus a garden diary to track gardening activities. Create your own garden management resource and plant inventory. Home garden software can be this easy.

Helen Kirkup founded HMK Consultants in 1985. She is a long-time gardener with a background in software development and project management. Helen has a lifelong passion for gardening and the environment. She has developed business applications in a variety of industries, and recognized the need for garden management system tools for the home gardener. Helen is a freelance writer. Check our our gardening articles section.

Helen has also just published a book - The Kirkups: Pioneers & Travellers - that tells some of the stories of the extended Kirkup family members who left the area around the Scottish Borders in the 1800s, travelling to Canada, the USA and Australia.

Helen Kirkup
HMK Consultants
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Note: You must have Microsoft Access 2007 or later installed in order to use this program.

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