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HMK Consultants Privacy Statement

HMK Consultants collects only the information about you that you provide to us such as your name, address, and email address. Credit card information provided by you during any purchase of our gardening software or gardening services is not obtained or retained by HMK Consultants.

The information you provide when you register with us will be used only to provide you with information on our gardening software such as the Garden Management System, or services such as Garden eDesign and Graphic Garden, in accordance with your request.

HMK Consultants will never sell or disclose any customer information, including your email address. Only appropriate HMK Consultants personnel will view your information in regards to your orders, email or account, and this information will be secured from all other personnel within our facilities, to protect your privacy.

Helen Kirkup
HMK Consultants
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Note: You must have Microsoft Access 2007 or later installed in order to use this program.

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