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HMK Consultants Reprint Policy

At HMK Consultants we believe that knowledge is only valuable when it's shared. That being said, we really dislike it when our ideas, pictures, concepts and other materials, in our own original form, often still accompanied by our logo, are presented as the original works of others. This has led to our formal Reprint Policy for information presented on this website.

We appreciate that some of our work has been found worth repeating. All we ask is attribution, in most cases. Here's the formal deal:

- if you wish to use our materials in a magazine, blog, web page, ezine, or any other media format, or to generate ad revenue or other revenue, or will profit in any way from using this material, you must contact us, in writing, to receive our express permission.

- if you are an educational organization, we certainly have no objection to your using our material, and hope you find it useful. We do, however, still require you to obtain written permission from us. We're sorry to have to do this, but it is now a necessity.

We regret that this policy has become necessary, and hope that you will continue to support our organization. We suggest that if you do not wish to obtain our written permission to reprint our information, then you should actually write your own.

Helen Kirkup
HMK Consultants

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